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The analytical report of distance learning in Brazil is an annual publication that will investigate the area of Distance Education in Brazil. For this purpose will carry out field researches with those in role of DE in order to collect data and evaluations that can assist the decision-making and planning of educational institutions, government sectors, education boards, academics and companies that use the corporate DE, comprising the final users of this modality of leaning as well as the DE market as a whole.
The publication has strategic objectives of creating synergy in the academic environment of DE, sparking discussions about their vital themes and the planning that allows the solution of problems that are common to the whole community involved. Also provides data to researchers and graduate students for the study of the most specific topics in the area. In addition, aims to promote the integration and dialogue between educational institutions, government sectors, regulatory bodies, associations, students and representatives of all E-Learning environments.

Among its structural goals are the collection, formatting and democratization of statistics at national level, about the activities in the broad sector of Distance Education, including all educational levels, affiliated or not to the formal educational system. The availability of such information will be as wide as possible, by means of printed publication and availability on the internet.
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