This project intends to conduct "surveys" consisting of an annual survey on the role of the Information Technology (IT) in institutions of higher education in Brazil in the years 2007-2009, continuing similar studies already made by proponents for the years 2004 and 2005. The data accumulated in these studies allow us to identify the main trends and policies for IT resources in academic and administrative activities of these institutions. With this data, an institution can evaluate your situation in relation to others in the same geographic region or with the same characteristics. Government and funding agencies can get an idea of the "state of the art" in this development sector of the country and make decisions with greater confidence. Companies can also obtain, via this data, indicators of current practices and preferences as well as plans for the acquisition of hardware and software in the immediate and medium term, and use this information to their strategic actions.

The study focuses on the following significant areas:
• Self-assessment by the institutions on their IT infrastructure (computers, networks and Internet);
• General policy of IT on campus;
• Academic IT Policy;
• Policy relating to intellectual property;
• Trends and Expectations: institutional strategies for the coming years;
• Budget for institutional IT;
• Use of free software.

Data from Brazil on the role of IT in Brazilian institutions of higher education are provided by the proponents in annual reports, in bi-lingual editions, together with the data collected on the same year in institutions of higher learning in the United States, to facilitate comparisons.

A second objective of this proposal is to initiate other research on the same lines to identify trends in IT in institutions, and at the same time to especially identify the professionals of the area of operations: CIOs (Chief Information Officers), to try to establish a "community practice "among them. While in North America the typical university CIO is a professional who works at the level of a vice-president of your institution; in Brazil, the individual responsible for IT in HEIs is usually a mere technician, with no significant decision-making power, and with a high turnover rate while in office.

The Campus Computing Report - U.S.A. is an annual survey, consolidated and conceptualized on the role of computing and IT in Higher Education in that country. It was initiated 15 years ago, at the initiative of Prof. Dr. Kenneth C. Green of Claremont Graduate University in California. The Campus Computing Report started by the annual application of a questionnaire focusing on the use of computers and IT to support academic activities. With the passing of the years and the evolution of technology, the boundaries between teaching and administrative activities were becoming less clear as the IT integrated the different areas. Consequently, today the Campus Computing Report questionnaire includes questions addressed to the management (Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP) and other IT services available on campus. .

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