- Encourage all forms of practice and development of projects in distance education;
- Encourage the use of the highest quality services for students, teachers, institutions and companies that use distance education;
- Support the country's "knowledge industry" aiming to reduce inequalities caused by isolation and distance from large urban centers;
- Promote the use of different  media tools to implement distance education;
- Foster the spirit of openness, creativity, innovation, credibility and experimentation in the practice of distance education.
The main scopes of ABED are institutions, corporations, universities and people interested in discussing and deepening their knowledge on distance education.

For this purpose, ABED organizes conferences, seminars, scientific meetings and courses to improve the methodology and the dissemination of knowledge in online distance learning (ODL).
ABED is a member of the Brazilian Society for the Development of Science - SBPC and is affiliated to international institutions including the International Council for Open and Distance Education – ICDE.

ABED's page on Internet releases the "Brazilian Journal of Open and Distance Learning", a trilingual page dedicated to scholars of the online distance learning community (ODL), texts and work on ODL, events calendar, news clipping of major newspapers, links to ODL and addresses for distance learning courses. It is constantly updated, always focused on the members and people who are looking to get involved with this area of pedagogical knowledge (www.abed.org.br).
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