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What is Distance Education?
What is the difference between distance learning and distance education?
How does it work?
Is there any law that regulates Distance Education?
What are the graduation courses recognized by the MEC and in which institutions? How do these courses work?
How do I know if a distance education course from a foreign university will be valid in Brazil?
The postgraduate distance learning courses need to be approved by the MEC?
What is the average salary for a distance education professional?
How do I choose a distance learning course?
What is the basic information needed before opting for a particular course or institution?
How do I know if a distance learning course from high school or GED is valid?
Is there a regulation of the profession of Educational Designer / Instructional Designer?
What are the strengths of distance education?
How can teachers benefit from distance learning?
What developments have happened in distance education in Brazil?
What is the importance of continuing education?
What are the advantages of taking a distance learning course?
What are the disadvantages of taking a distance learning course?
How is the supply of this type of course in Brazil? (How many courses are there?)
What are the most popular distance education extension courses?
Tips when choosing postgraduate distance learning courses - What should I do to check for quality assurance?
In regards to legislation: what is the minimum and the maximum duration of a postgraduate distance learning course?
How are the modules of extension courses?

PROFISSIONAIS, PROFESSORES E ALUNOS DA EAD - Regulamentação, remuneração, benefícios, perfil

What is the profile of the distance education instructor?

Sobre a ABED

What is ABED?
What is ABED’s annual conference? How to participate?
Does the Association offer distance learning courses?
ABED endorses, validates, and indicates courses or institutions?
What are the benefits of becoming a member?
How to become a member?
What is the ABED Award for Excellence in Distance Education? How to participate?
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