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ABEDThe Brazilian Association of Distance Education is a non-profit scientific society focused on the development of open, flexible and distance education, created on June 21, 1995 by a group of educators interested in distance education and new learning technologies, which aims to:
- Stimulate the practice and development of projects in distance education in all its forms;
- Encourage the practice of the highest quality of services for students, teachers, institutions, and companies that use distance education;
- Support the country's "knowledge industry" by seeking to reduce inequalities caused by isolation and distance from large urban centers;
- Promote the use of different "media" in the realization of distance education;
- Promote the spirit of openness, creativity, innovation, credibility, and experimentation in the practice of distance education.


ADDEDThe SaberConectado Program is for institutions that admit the need for transformation. Who sees an opportunity in digital. That sees in technology and innovation solid allies for business and growth. It is for anyone who has the challenge of reducing dropout rates while increasing the number of students without losing the quality of teaching and with economies of scale through operational efficiency. It is for those who plan to grow and expand. We will discuss your competitive strategy based on a diagnosis made by someone who deeply understands the higher education and distance education segment. Let's talk about high-performance management through data-driven management in terms of the student's journey and experience in face-to-face and 100% distance learning and how to work with hybridity so that your virtual learning environment is the best ally for capture and retention. Understand Hub Management and Distance Learning with those who understand best how it works in practice. We will optimize your institution's academic, financial, and administrative processes. We will help your institution reach its full potential. Our differential is to combine technology, strategy and management, and operation, including the BPO - Business Process Outsourcing service. In the SaberConectado Program, you will find what you need to overcome the challenges imposed by a new student profile and new teaching and business models. We are ready to form citizens capable of transforming the world. And you?
D2LD2L is transforming how the world learns, helping students of all ages achieve more than they dreamed possible. Working closely with customers around the world, D2L is supporting millions of people learning online and in person. Our growing global workforce is dedicated to creating the best learning products to leave the world better than you found. Learn more about D2L for K-12, higher education, and businesses at D2L.com
EXPEXP Educational Intelligence is an educational technology company founded in 2015 dedicated to developing, implementing, supporting, and managing educational projects for fundamental, technical, and higher education. In our short history, we have dozens of success stories that include technological and methodological solutions and extensive assistance, always tailored to the needs of your institution. Part of our portfolio of platforms and solutions are globally recognized products such as Canvas/Instructure (LMS), Sumadi/Laureate (Proctoring), Vital Source (adaptive learning and electronic books), bulb (digital portfolios), and Fuse (corporate solutions). In addition, we develop projects aligned with the educational demands of the 21st century, such as Emotiplay (dealing with emotions) and TransFor.Me (Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship), which in 2022 was one of the five finalists for the ELTons Innovation Award, an award granted by the British Council to the best educational projects of the year across the planet.
MoodleMoodle is the world's most customizable and trusted eLearning solution. Hundreds of millions of people in thousands of educational institutions and organizations worldwide use Moodle to manage their online learning. As an open-source learning management system that is free to download, modify and share with others, the Moodle LMS is the ultimate expression of the values that unite our community of developers, system administrators, educators, and students. Moodle is certified by the B Corporation and is a member of Open Education Global and the UNESCO Global Education Coalition
Plataforma APlataforma A, Edtech by +A Educação, has a 50-year history dedicated to Brazilian education. Now, we are expanding our horizons to all of Latin America.Our platform brings together a portfolio of technological educational solutions that integrate content, technologies, and consulting to boost the performance of Higher Education Institutions and provide meaningful learning to students. We use process customization and state-of-the-art technology to achieve this goal. Edtech offers a fluid and engaging journey for students and teachers, covering all the necessary steps to build knowledge. We are committed to making the educational experience as stimulating and effective as possible.
SenacWith more than 75 years of professional education experience, Senac pioneered distance learning in Brazil. The first experience in this modality took place in 1947 with Universidade do Ar, in partnership with Sesc, which taught courses via radio. As of 2013, with the launch of the Senac EAD portal, the institution expanded its activities and access to professional training. It offers flexibility so students can study where and how they want through technological resources developed to provide maximum autonomy with always dynamic classes, in an innovative, intuitive interface and updated content, following the trends in the world of work. Senac EAD was re-accredited by the Ministry of Education with the highest score, offering a comprehensive portfolio of free, technical, undergraduate, graduate, university extension, and distance learning courses, serving all of Brazil and supported by more than 380 own centers in person across the country. Learn more at https://ead.senac.br.
VG EducacionalVG Educacional is a company in Maringá-PR that specializes in producing digital content compatible with all platforms. We produce exclusive teaching materials for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), guaranteeing loyalty to the pedagogical models offered. We also have non-exclusive materials, with the quality assurance that only VG can offer your HEI. Our undergraduate and graduate portfolio contain disciplines from all areas of knowledge, complete with texts, video lessons, interactive learning objects, question banks, and all the technological resources necessary to bring quality content to students, in addition to the necessary accessibility. We work with cutting-edge products and technological resources to better serve our customers in Brazil and abroad. Experience and commitment make us stand out in the national and international market due to our quality in the consulting area and in producing didactic and audiovisual materials.


AnthologyAnthology offers the largest EdTech ecosystem globally, supporting over 150 million users in 80 countries. Our mission is to provide dynamic, data-driven experiences to the global education community so students and educators can achieve their goals. Through Anthology Intelligent Experiences™ and more than 60 SaaS products and services, Anthology advances learning in partnership with educational, business, and government institutions. With an unrivaled portfolio of solutions, only Anthology can leverage data from the entire EdTech ecosystem to create intelligent experiences that drive better outcomes. Anthology is best known for its industry-leading LMS and CRM solutions – Blackboard Learn and Anthology Reach – providing the EdTech ecosystem's cornerstones.

B42B42 is a technology and educational design company aiming to develop diverse, dynamic, interactive, and connected learning resources with modern, innovative, and disruptive education models. We are a reference in modeling digital content based on creating, transposing, and developing projects with high visual impact and focusing on the user experience through universal design principles. We support educational institutions and companies in developing educational solutions for the training and development of their public, seeking the best results from the learning process
BenQBenQ shapes the way students learn !
Technology rapidly changes the world, and today's students differ from two years ago. So schools have to keep up with this pace, investing in educational tools that improve the way of conducting classes and keeping the focus on student learning. BenQ has several innovative technology solutions designed for the education sector. As an industry leader, we understand the importance of dynamic, engaging, and future-proof education. Interactive screens are an ideal tool for faculty. With intuitive touch features and real-time collaboration, BenQ solutions allow educators to share knowledge and encourage their students to explore new ideas. At BenQ, our dedication to providing quality solutions drives core values. We believe in accessibility, sustainability, and technology's positive impact on education. We design our products to be user-friendly, durable, and aligned with pedagogical goals. Meet BenQ interactive projectors and screens!
CanvasCanvas LMS has earned a reputation as the most trusted VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) because we care about education. From the beginning, we designed Canvas LMS to be open, intuitive, and easy to use, creating a better teaching and learning experience for everyone. A passionate community of educators uses Canvas LMS with our commitment to open standards and cloud-native hosting to deliver industry-leading uptime, support, and security. With an intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools, Canvas LMS provides more engagement, collaboration, and proven learning outcomes. Canvas LMS is a favorite of students, teachers, administrators, and parents. Instructure, the developer of Canvas LMS, connects millions of instructors and students at thousands of educational institutions and corporations worldwide.

Como construir um polo EAD de milhõesAre you frightened by the opening of an e-learning hub on every corner? Do you need help growing as an e-learning hub? We are bringing you all the conceptual and PRACTICAL content with Adriano Albano, who has the best results and a complete experience in the area, acting as Marketing Manager for Educational Institutions (Matrix), as a teacher (academy), as a Communication Agency (you have to know how to do it), Retail (language and dynamic responses) and mainly as an e-learning hub network owner, with the best results in Brazil!The course aims to train managers, leaders, and employees, using the experience of actions that have already worked, aiming at BETTER RESULTS in SALES, PERMANENCE, and PROFITABILITY.
Conted.TechConted tech is an Educational technology startup, which we call EDTECH. Our philosophy is to improve teaching and learning processes in virtual education based on technology. We make our teaching materials with an innovative and proprietary methodology that aligns with the evaluation instruments of the Ministry of Education. The SIMPLE platform tracks the entire process of the student's journey from registration to certification. It is what we call the LMS 360 platform. Our publishing company has already published over 100 books with ISBN registered in the national library.
DelineaDelinea EdTech is the ideal partner for educational institutions and companies that must transform ideas into educational technology solutions. With more than 17 years of experience, we specialize in developing personalized content, selling and renting ready-to-deliver courses. We also offer a unique tool for managing the entire content production process. With a highly qualified team and extensive experience in the education market, we have innovative technological solutions to boost the growth of institutions that need materials for curriculum subjects or training courses, whether hybrid, face-to-face, or e-learning.We understand the needs of institutions and companies in the education market. We are here to help them optimize their digital content production and maintain student engagement. How about contacting us and finding out how we can help your company or institution achieve its educational goals? Join us today!
EdpuzzleEdpuzzle is an online educational platform revolutionizing how teachers teach, and students learn. Allows educators to create interactive lessons from videos, incorporating real-time questions and feedback. Students can actively participate in their learning by answering quizzes and reviewing their progress. Edpuzzle offers a dynamic and personalized learning environment, improving comprehension and knowledge retention. This innovative tool promotes active learning and gives teachers a detailed view of their student's performance.
ElosElos is a Virtual Classroom that offers features to promote and measure student engagement and interaction in real-time. A Brazilian platform specialized in education and developed to make your HEI classes increasingly innovative. Through easy integration with Virtual Learning Environments, the entire teaching and learning process is in one place, making the experience more intuitive and safe. In addition, the availability of engagement data, usage, and satisfaction reports allows an understanding of the profiles of students and teachers, enabling the adoption and evaluation of pedagogical strategies to engage and retain students. In addition to videoconferencing, a Virtual Classroom with interaction for real. Visit elos.vc and blog.elos.vc
ENGIn this CIAED, we bring solutions from our most prestigious technology partners.
IMMERSIVE CONTENT - Highlight in 2023 is the powerful Teaching and Learning Technology with Immersive Content from real locations, the so-called Digital Twin, with visitation and navigation using Smartphones, Computers, and even Virtual Reality Glasses. All without installing any software! We will show all the phases, from digitizing environments to inserting 3D hyperlinks, with Multimedia calls (Texts, Images, Audio, and Videos) and integrations with LMS to create a new frontier in EAD.For Synchronous Distance Learning, we will present virtualized classes, with visits to Factories, Surgical Centers, Museums, and Theater Stages, among many with real-time interaction between teachers and students. ENG DTP & Multimedia integrated technology with Matterport, Apple, AWS, and Meta. FOR HEALTHCARE - we will have the presentation in Bio Atlas for multiplatform use, from Smartphones, computers, and digital anatomy tables. We will have the launch of Simulator content in the areas of Medicine, Nursing, and Veterinary.
FECAPFECAP is a reference in the area of Business Management through Pioneering and Excellence at the service of the country's development. FECAP offers baccalaureate courses in the areas of Administration, Systems Analysis and Development, Computer Science, Accounting Sciences, Economic Sciences, Accounting for Graduates, Publicity and Propaganda, International Relations, Public Relations and Trilingual Executive Secretariat. In the Postgraduate Latu Sensu, FECAP offers courses in Management, Finance, and MBA, focusing on professional development. The Strictu Sensu Graduate Program provides the now traditional Master in Accounting and the renowned Professional Master in Business Administration. Concomitant to High School, FECAP offers Technical Education in several areas, from the conventional technician in Administration to the technician in Game Programming

FGV OnlineThe FGV Online program is part of the Educational Development Institute of the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV EDI). It is proud to be a national reference in continuing education, offering excellence and quality in training Brazilian professionals. In partnership with the FGV Schools, it offers courses and solutions for each professional and business development stage, with a user-centered methodology oriented towards developing socio-emotional skills. FGV Online carries with it the conviction that all learning must result from an exchange relationship based on an action established between all parties involved in the learning process, creating a strong visible link between knowledge and practice. With an innovative spirit, the program was also designed for those who need flexibility for their studies and need to network, serving executives and entrepreneurs, in addition to e-learning projects in companies
ForeducationForeducation EdTech is the 1st Google Partner in Latin America and the 1st Brazilian company to win the "Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year - Education," a worldwide award for partners who stand out in Education. For over 15 years, it has been studying the benefits of using technology and its contributions to improving learning, being a pioneer in the area of innovations aimed at education in Brazil. Its work with the Brazilian educational market, with the methodology of the Digital Fluency Program and its technologies, has resulted in: + 14,500 Educational Institutions impacted through technologies; + 380,000 trained educators; + 4.2 million hours of training; + 4.3 million students affected by Google for Education solutions; 42 Partner institutions certified with the "Google for Education Reference School" or "Google for Education Reference University" Seal. Foreducation EdTech is the Google Partner with the most significant number of schools and universities to achieve this certification. Helps numerous Educational Institutions to reach new heights in using technologies for Education. Get in touch and find out how Fore can help your institution too!
InicieInicie, an innovation ecosystem to transform education, partnered with Canva to offer Canva for Education in its partner educational institutions. Canva, in turn, is an online visual communication platform with the mission of empowering the world with design. Together, Inicie + Canva exclusively present Inicie as the only reseller of Canva for Campus in the world - a particular version of Canva for higher education institutions.
LyceumLyceum offers digital solutions and specialized services for the education sector. As market leaders, we recognize the importance of technological maturity and integrate academic, financial, and administrative management into a single system. Our solutions and services range from enrollment to student departure from the educational institution, serving various academic market segments. Learn more about Lyceum: https://www.lyceum.com.br/
MackenzieWe understand Distance education (EaD) at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (UPM) as a synchronous and asynchronous learning space supported by resources that allow interactivity and interaction in the mediation and construction of knowledge. The proposal for distance education at UPM is on values and principles within the scope of the tradition and pioneering spirit that are characteristic of it, based on a robust and bold pedagogical model, which aims to promote meaningful learning, assuming the precepts of the Institutional Project, with emphasis on promoting quality, ethical and moral sense, innovation and excellence

Minha BibliotecaMinha Biblioteca is present in 75% of the country's most prestigious Higher Education Institutions, such as USP, Unicamp, UNESP, FGV, ESPM, Mackenzie, and PUC, among other renowned universities. Created to disseminate knowledge through a digital e-book solution for Technical and Higher Education, in addition to companies and public bodies, the platform has a collection of more than 12,000 technical, academic, and scientific titles from all knowledge areas. It has 16 significant publishers and 42 publishing labels, which provides quick, easy, and simultaneous access to the virtual collection through any device.

NIC.BR CGI.BR The multisectoral model of Internet governance in Brazil, implemented by the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (CGI.br), is recognized worldwide as an example. This Committee comprises twelve members of civil society, including representatives from the third sector, the scientific and technological community, the business segment, a representative with renowned knowledge of the Internet, and nine government members. Thus configured, CGI.br promotes monthly and occasional meetings to coordinate and integrate all Internet service initiatives in the country, promoting their technical quality, innovation, and dissemination. Many demands for actions that arise from these meetings are conducted by the Ponto BR Information and Coordination Center (NIC.br), a civil entity governed by private law and nonprofit, in charge of administrative and operational functions relating to the domain of .br since 2005. In addition to providing and maintaining the quality of domain registration activity, with revenue collected exclusively through this means, NIC.br goes further with similar entities in other countries, investing in actions and projects that bring a series of benefits to improve activities related to Internet infrastructure in Brazil. Find out more about these activities at: https://nic.br/atividades/
NublifyNublify is a leading company in cloud solutions, dedicated to providing various DaaS, Backup, SW, and cloud solutions with technological and innovative support for companies in different market sectors, including education. We understand educational institutions' unique challenges and are committed to helping them reach their full potential. Our highly skilled team works closely with schools, universities, and other educational organizations to develop custom solutions that streamline processes, promote collaboration and enhance the learning experience. Through our cloud expertise, we offer secure data storage services, allowing educational institutions to quickly and easily access important information and ensuring scalability so that institutions can handle increased demand from students and courses without problems. If you are looking for a reliable and innovative technology partnership to power your educational institution, Nublify is ready to help.
Obi.tecObi.tec is a specialized company that delivers personalized technology solutions, especially in education.  With a focus on software development (web and mobile) and IT infrastructure, it supports businesses in a customized way in all stages of the evolution and digital transformation journey.  The company has a team made up of professionals with excellent know-how in the area of technology and education and values technical excellence in all deliveries. In addition to customized solutions to the needs of each partner, it also offers products developed following the best practices in the educational market. 
Open LMSA complete ecosystem to improve and innovate in virtual training. We leverage open-source software to deliver a highly effective, personalized, and engaging learning experience. We offer enhanced SaaS-based versions of the world's most widely used open-source LMS: MoodleTM. As one of the leading global providers of SaaS-based learning, we adapt the flexibility of open source to improve the learning experience with techniques to reduce academic dropout, personalized tracking, interactive content, and process automation. We are present today in 110 countries with more than 1,800 customers and 24 partners to safely enhance your platform in terms of analytics, accessibility, anti-plagiarism, artificial intelligence, payment gateway, and much more.
PearsonWe are the world's leading learning company. Our ability to help people on their learning journey underpins our ability to adapt to an ever-changing market. Our more than 20,000 employees worldwide create affordable, sustainable, digital educational resources to prepare millions of people for a lifetime of learning. We know how important education is and that, regardless of a person's background or context, knowledge is one of the most powerful tools we have to effect change. With the expansion of the number of students in Higher Education and the application of new technologies in the classroom, Pearson develops and offers numerous products and services with the aim of innovating and increasingly personalizing teaching and learning in this area - supporting our partners delivering a quality dynamic, interactive and digital solution to ensure learning outcomes for its students that transform their future. We operate on two strategic pillars: Learning Platforms, which include: Virtual Library, Pearson Courses, Brightspace, and Credly by Pearson, and Professional Solutions, which includes: Personabilities and Certiport.
Prova FácilWe are leaders in Latin America in test management, and we serve educational institutions nationwide by developing solutions that create clarity and simplify all stages of an assessment process. Our solutions allow the control of regular assessments, entrance exams, selection processes, simulations, certifications, and other assessment activities. Along the way, we have simplified the logistics and application of more than 100 million assessments and served more than 3 million students and candidates.
ReadSpeakerReadSpeaker is a global voice specialist, having pioneered the first cloud TTS application for websites. Today, our text-to-speech services are used on thousands of websites, apps, learning systems, e-books, e-learning material, etc., and by millions of users worldwide. We create real-time audio versions of content written in over 50 languages and 200 voices, which work on different devices (PC, tablet, smartphone), and with different operating and web browsing systems. ReadSpeaker provides text-to-speech solutions for more than 10,000 companies or organizations in different areas (corporate, local, and central government, media, and education, among others). In Education and Training, in addition to being an accessibility tool, the TTS is an instrument for reinforcing learning, giving access to more students, and meeting the various learning styles. The ReadSpeaker service easily integrates Learning Management Systems (LMS), namely the most common ones like Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, and D2L. Give your online courses a voice and improve your students' learning experience!
RealizeComplete platform for managing and creating didactic materials. Intending to optimize and automate the production process of online disciplines at educational institutions, Realize brings together all the necessary tools to produce faster, with more quality, and reduce costs. Creating teaching materials has never been so easy!
Sabre EducacionalSABRE is a platform that combines innovative high-performance solutions to transform your Higher Education Institution (HEI). Our solutions enhance the learning experience, integrating technology and methodology to support the institution's objectives. With this, we assist our clients in developing and managing competitive advantages that generate innovation and drive sustainable growth in an increasingly disruptive educational market.
TurnitinTurnitin is a global company that ensures educational integrity and significantly improves learning outcomes. For 25 years, Turnitin has been a trusted partner of educational institutions to promote honesty, consistency, and fairness in all subject areas and across all types of assessment. Educational institutions use our products and certification and licensing programs to ensure the integrity and enhance learning performance by students and professionals to enable them to produce with quality and originality. Turnitin is present in 140 countries worldwide, including Australia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, and Brazil. More than 16,000 academic institutions, publishers, and companies use our services: Turnitin Feedback Studio, Gradescope, iThenticate, Turnitin Originality, Turnitin Similarity, ExamSoft, and ProctorExam. Learn more: www.turnitin.com | turnitinbrasil@turnitin.com | Phone: +55 11 4935 5410

UniversaUniversa Educational Solutions is a company focused on developing intelligent software products for managing and automating Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) processes. Our products and services allow HEIs to optimize their academic management processes with cutting-edge technology to ensure efficiency and sustainability. We develop products that generate competitive advantage because we understand that our challenge is to innovate and provide security to those who carry out digital academic registration work, per MEC regulations, and peace of mind for those who need assertiveness in the learning process. Whatever your demand, we have the solution!
VideofrontVideoFront was created by those who manage the distance learning platform at CERS, Brazil's most extensive online course. We emerged intending to meet the ever-increasing demand from companies that want to invest in distance education and training platforms. We offer consultancy and training for setting up studios, video management, streaming, player customization, and specific cybersecurity tools. VideoFront has everything you need to enter this market, open an online course, set up corporate training platforms, or migrate to a platform with better management and greater security.
ViewSonicFounded in California, ViewSonic is a recognized leader in global visual solutions in more than 100 countries worldwide. Recognized as an industry innovator, ViewSonic is committed to providing a comprehensive range of software and hardware solutions, including monitors, projectors, interactive screens, commercial displays, multifunctional LED displays, and the educational software ecosystem solutions, myViewBoard. With over 36 years of experience in visual displays, ViewSonic has solidified its reputation for providing innovative and reliable solutions in the educational, business, consumer, and professional markets, helping customers "See the Difference." To learn more about ViewSonic, visit our website at www.viewsonic.com


CodeBitIf quality education is the path to social transformation, technology must be its catalyst. Believing this, we have become solution providers for startups, business foundations, universities, third-sector organizations, and social initiatives. We specialize in creating technologies for actions that aim to transform the world. We have a team of qualified professionals. We form unique teams for each project.
CRM EducacionalCRM Educacional is a specialized company in the education market. It has the best solutions to optimize the recruitment and retention of students from primary and higher education institutions. Our software has several functionalities to improve relationships with leads, candidates, and students. It has already helped more than 250 educational institutions optimize their processes of attracting and retaining students, representing more than 2 million students already served and more than 20 billion in tuition revenues. Visit the website to learn about the solutions: https://crmeducacional.com/
DreamShaperDreamShaper is an EdTech present in 22 countries. It offers educational institutions learning experiences to enhance the teaching process through Active Methodologies, facilitating the development of technical knowledge and interpersonal skills in a practical, intuitive, and autonomous way. We encourage students to remain interested in their Learning Paths, promoting autonomy and motivation, while teachers carry out specialized, easy, and efficient monitoring. With the tool, the educational institution modernizes the learning experience and ensures a scalable, high-quality offer, increasing student satisfaction.
GominingGomining is a company specializing in automatically assessing texts with artificial intelligence. Gomining's technology can assess large volumes with a high standard of correction, delivering grade and personalized feedback in less than 7 seconds. It has already assessed more than 6 million text activities, saved over 300 thousand hours of teaching work, and more than 800 thousand students have already benefited.
InfraedInfraED is a pioneering company in expansion projects for EaD hubs for technical and higher education institutions and educational franchises, planning, implementing, and managing hubs and franchises in all regions of Brazil. For higher and technical education, InfraED offers a complete solution that involves content, an LMS platform, e-commerce, laboratories for immersive and face-to-face practices at the centers, and managing the EaD network from end to end.
JuristtaJURISTTA.COM is a platform for simulating legal practices and managing the Legal Practices Center. Juristta brings theory and practices closer together, using innovative technology and methodology, accompanying the digital transformation of the world of law, which includes the application of the Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence. To learn more about our solution, visit https://www.juristta.com/ or contact us via WhatsApp at +55 32 98435 0935
Mentor SpaceMentor Space is an education hub that uses artificial intelligence to offer career mentoring, and distance and face-to-face learning trails focused on the individual's professional interest in job market trends, creating a compelling connection between HEI, students, graduates, specialists, companies, publishers, and innovations. What do we promote? Effective connection with students and graduates |Courses and Events publication channel |Follow-up of the professional development of students and graduates |Vision of market competencies. "Prepare for the future of the workforce" - a comprehensive approach to teaching and improving education, making it more accessible, effective, and efficient to all. "Welcome to Mentor Space - Connect, Learn, Grow" www.mentor.space

MERCADOEDUIn operation for over ten years, Mercadoedu is a data warehouse from official bodies such as INEP, MEC, and IBGE and its studies, such as the National Research on Undergraduate and Graduate Prices. Aimed at market research and competitive intelligence in the education sector, it allows, through its extraction and analysis tools, to create graphs, reports, and maps with georeferenced data and makes comparisons based on information from institutions, students, courses, and teachers from all over the country. Learn more at: www.mercadoedu.com.br
ONIlearningONIlearning brings the most significant and innovative educational technology ecosystem to Brazil. ONI360 is a modular hub composed of up to 12 technological tools, including the LMS, webcon tools, digital library, e-commerce, and digital biometrics, in addition to ONIintelligence, which brings intelligence resources to the learning process, adding value to the management in educational institutions, to the teachers in the multiplication of knowledge, and the students in the learning experience. A significant highlight is the disengagement and evasion prediction tool, which can monitor the student's various interactions with the platform, generating insights about their engagement, and, by connecting with administrative information, it can predict a possible risk of evasion, developing plans of actions for the institution to act proactively. ONIlearning also integrates with the various academic systems on the market, enhancing the use of its technological tools. Visit our website to learn more: www.onilearning.com.br
ReshapeExplore the full potential of your content with artificial intelligence! Reshape is an online platform that applies cutting-edge artificial intelligence to transform and generate new content in a scalable and integrated way and make it more accessible. Generate class transcripts with the highest accuracy in Portuguese on the world market, apply subtitles to bring more accessibility to your classes, translate them into other languages to conquer new audiences, and create questions, issues, summaries, and articles, all in an automated way by our AI technology!
RUBEUSOptimizes the Recruitment and Permanence Management processes of educational institutions and revolutionizes the experiences of its students through its technology and specific consultancy to meet the needs of the educational sector. In this way, the company acts as an agent of change, helping colleges and schools generate sustainable results through the Rubeus Platform, a specific CRM for education. With it, it is possible to qualify all the leads, follow them step by step, lead them to enrollment, and then take care that they remain to study at the institution. For this, Rubeus has several features that are fully adaptable to the business rules of each institution.
Discover our solutions: https://rubeus.com.br/.
Schedule a free online demo: https://bit.ly/3lw0f9N
Please chat with us on WhatsApp: https://bit.ly/3lyt9WY
StudentCareDoes your HEI suffer from distance learning dropouts? Do the retention sectors monitor student indicators and support them proactively? STUDENTCARE is a retention management technology that centrally manages the entire student journey in distance education and provides clear indicators for predicting dropout and student behavior. Using Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, our technology empowers all professionals who support students with hands that guide decision-making in all aspects of the distance learning academic journey, such as educational and financial performance, dropout prediction, attendance, and engagement in synchronous and asynchronous moments. Empower your retention management area and overcome the challenge of permanence in distance learning!
WebnautaWe offer solutions ranging from producing teaching materials for low and high demand, passing through our course platform or those of our clients, and ending with a strategic vision of retention and increase of students through digital engagement strategies.We accelerate learning with end-to-end performance, treating your challenges like ours. Through our know-how, we bring solutions ranging from content, interactive materials, and course platforms to engagement and conversion of results through communication and digital marketing actions.
WorkaloveWorkalove is an edtech (educational technology company) that offers a workability and academic innovation platform that uses artificial intelligence to help educational institutions accelerate their student's entry into the job market. It has become a reference in implementing a career culture for educational institutions, serving more than 1 million students and more than 10,000 companies. The Student Success program helps to increase student enrollment, reduce dropout rates and create a strong network of alumni-graduates. Discover our solutions: https://www.workalove.com I Schedule a free demo: https://bit.ly/3WGXalD I Talk to our experts on whatsapp: https://bit.ly/3C8j33K

XLUNGXlung is a platform that provides the best teaching and learning tools and experiences in respiratory support and mechanical ventilation (MV).We have an online platform with mechanical ventilation, oxygen therapy, and respiratory physiology simulators. In addition, we offer several didactic materials such as the MV Manual, video classes, simulated virtual exercises, and quizzes, and we deepen our knowledge in our Premium Forum, the largest MV teaching community in the country. The Xlung Platform concentrates on the content and tools above and still provides a community environment, as we believe in the triad for learning: 1. High-level content; 2. Active community, with access to experts; and 3. Training (the simulators). All of this contributes to the student's learning process by promoting efficiency and potential gains in cost/effectiveness in the learning process through practical experience literally at hand for each user, developing new ways of teaching and working on this theme in the teaching field. Discover our solutions at: https://xlung.net/. It has never been so easy to teach and learn MV with the Xlung platform in your hands!


A Voz do ConhecimentoA Voz do Conhecimento is a podcast created to provoke meaningful discussions on a passionate topic: Education. We aim to provide an informative and inspiring platform for everyone interested in the development of teaching and learning
DaredeDarede is a consulting company specializing in Information Technology services with ten years of experience in this market. And throughout its operations, the company continues offering the best cloud computing solutions, specializing in technologies that help distance education. Premier-level partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Darede has several specialization seals from the most prominent cloud services platform in the world, in addition to reaching the mark of 300 certifications in its team of professionals. The company won the Great Place to Work seal for the second consecutive year, and it was also considered a market leader in three quadrants in the ISG Provider Lens™ AWS Ecosystem Partners 2022 Brazil report.
Hoper EducaçãoFor over 20 years, we have been dedicated to helping the education market to develop and innovate. Over that time, we have supported more than 1,400 educational institutions, including schools, colleges, university centers, and universities. We help managers make strategic decisions with relevant market information, optimize flows and processes, develop new learning methodologies, and empower teams to go further
Imagine WorldsAt Imagine Worlds, we provide innovative audiovisual solutions with cinematic language for educational institutions and companies that want to promote learning engaging and impactfully. With a team passionate about learning and storytelling, we combine creativity, technical, and pedagogical expertise to create high-quality educational videos that captivate and inspire the target audience. Our educational videos are carefully planned and customized to meet the specific needs of each project. We work closely with our clients, understanding their educational goals and turning those ideas into authentic and compelling videos. We offer audiovisual services through scripting, production, recording, editing, animation, and post-production. Our experienced team uses state-of-the-art equipment and advanced production techniques to ensure each video is visually attractive and high quality. After all, to awaken learning, you first need to touch the heart.
Instituto Mulheres EducadorasWomen Educators Institute has professionals in education who aim to exchange knowledge, continuous training, production of training courses, and personalized and high-performance content. We have the Global Institute virtual language school. If your company needs a virtual school, the Institute also develops the complete educational platform (LMS) implementation with full consultancy to train your employees to use it. An educational consulting and production institution that aims to align standards and tools in the pursuit of transforming education and learning, as well as all the spaces to which they belong. More information at: www.meducadoras.com.br
Meu CursoThe headquarters of Meu Curso is in the heart of São Paulo, one block from Avenida Paulista, and is prepared for student or visitor realizes that, in addition to the high quality of the programmatic content, the high performance in didactics, the professors who are a reference in their areas, there is also a team of dedicated collaborators so that the student feels welcomed in various virtual channels or person at this particular moment, when they are preparing for a new phase in their professional lives.
WAEWAE is a company with more than 25 years of experience in the education segment and a specialist in educational management systems. Our innovative, comprehensive and easy-to-implement solutions help you stay agile, be competitive, productive, profitable, reduce costs, integrate information across the institution and improve the student experience. Do like more than 100 educational institutions that have opted for WAE software and improve your educational management. The decision to change the present and future of your institution is in your hands. Find out more about WAE: https://www.waetecnologia.com.br