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Enhancing Learning as well Individuals’ Research and Content Production Skills through Information Visualization Systems and Web Based Technology Synergy05/12/2018
Jorge Ferreira Franco - Universidade de São Paulo
Roseli de Deus Lopes - Universidade de São Paulo
Nilton Ferreira Franco - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie
Sandra Regina Rodrigues da Cruz - PMSP

This work shows that is feasible to enhance individuals’ knowledge based on the convergence among low cost desktop virtual reality, information visualization and multimedia systems, interactive techniques, culture, arts, including web based standard languages and technologies, from basic to higher education. Through four years experiencing with this human knowledge enhancements and technological interactive synergy, educators and students investigated as consumers and producers of digital content how to use these tools for building collaborative interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary educational projects. In cooperation, technical and non technical individuals developed graphical user interfaces using current Web based standard languages state of maturity for constructing simulations, visualization programs, prototyping an easy to use tool for problem solving, within integrated real and virtual, as well interactive teaching and learning environments. Individuals used the power and flexibility of Web based standard languages such as Hypertext Markup Language- HTML, Virtual Reality Modeling Language - VRML, including their templates for formatting two and or three dimensional multimedia content. Pedagogic support came from the convergence among Constructivism, Constructionism, Zone of Proximal Development and Multiple Types of Intelligence theories, adding to that the synergy among Sharable Content Reference Model, Entrepreneur and Projects Pedagogy, Management principles, Spiral Model of Software Engineering and Experiential Learning concepts. Citizens’ benefits from this project implementation were individuals’ digital and social inclusion, improvements on their traditional and digital literacy, better as well proactive student centered teaching and learning actions. In addition, educators and children enhanced their self-esteem and confidence for researching, communicating and sharing knowledge within their communities, as well learning to learn lifelong with autonomy.

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