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The Brazilian "Magazine of Open Learning and the Distance" is (RBAAD) an interactive electronic newspaper with focus in research, development and practice of the distance education in all of the levels of education, formal and informal, and in all of the available technologies.

The magazine accepts as well as it publishes goods in three languages - Portuguese, English and Spanish, and the politics and the selection of the goods are certain for the editorials objectives of ABED, for the editorial group of the magazine and for specific orientations.

Characteristics of the magazine "RBAAD"

With a sphere of international action, RBAAD publishes goods returned for the successes and challenges in the distance education for people of all ages, groups or levels, in the formal and informal systems of education.

The goods can be philosophical and/or of qualitative and quantitative analyses; they can have the format cases of study , progress of researches or reports of projects in process. Reviews of books, reports of congresses, URLs for homepages of innovations in the distance education, announcements of conferences and publications of letters for the editor are also welcome.

RBAAD accepts texts about education from researchers' distance and apprentices of all parts of the world, but only if those work projects are of special relevance to the respective countries.








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