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ABED The Brazilian Association of Distance Education - ABED, is a scientific, non-profit society, created in June 21, 1995, by a group of educators interested in learning new technologies in distance education. The association has the following objectives:
- To encourage the practice and the development of projects on distance education in all forms;
- To encourage the practice of the highest quality services to students, teachers, institutions and companies that use distance education;
- To support the country’s “knowledge industry” seeking to reduce inequalities caused by isolation and distance from major urban centers;
- To promote the use of different media to carry out distance education; - To foster the spirit of openness, creativity, innovation, credibility and experimentation in the practice of distance education.


CAPES Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior


SENAC Since its creation, in 1946, the Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Comercial (Senac) has been the main agent of professional education directed to the Sector of Commerce of Goods, Services and Tourism. Over 55 million demands have already been attended by Senac. The institution offers its wide experience to workers and entrepreneurs, providing face-to-face and distance programs, from north to south Brazil, in thousands programs, hundreds of modern and specialized educational environments such as the pedagogical companies and the mobile units, in 4,600 cities of Brazilian states and the Federal District.
UNINTER The mission of Grupo UNINTER is to be fully engaged in the provision of quality education, leading innovative educational solutions in every corner of the country. Acting on the educational market for 18 years, Grupo UNINTER is headquartered in Curitiba (PR) and has 443 information supporting hubs in Brazil, to offer products and services focused on educational segment. A variety of undergraduate and graduate courses either on classrooms or distance programs; master's degrees; educational solution for basic education and technical-scientific books for higher education (traditional and digital) and extension courses are available at UNINTER. Over 150 thousand students reach its products and services. By its boldness and passion for education, Grupo UNINTER won recognition and credibility in the market and today is one of the largest and best evaluated educational groups of Brazil.


Artesanato Educacional Artesanato Educacional offers a variety of online and face-to-face courses, creates its own didactic materials, delivers customized programs and gives consultancy in the areas of educational technology and distance education. We are reference in mobile learning and in the use of tools of web 2.0 platforms, social networks, games and virtual world in education. We organize the Journey of Distance Education: the future of art, held annually at the Universidade Anhembi Morumbi (Sao Paulo), gathering the main specialists in the area. We run the exclusive online bookstore in Brazil specialized in educational technology and distance education – check out our titles - and are also an innovative publisher - contact us to check the possibility to publish your book with us.
Kroton Kroton is one of the largest private educational organizations of Brazil, operating in the Brazilian educational sector for over 45 years, since 1966. The company has a comprehensive and distinguished business model that meets various educational segments from kindergarten to masters. In higher education, offers undergraduate and graduate face-to-face and distance programs. In distance education, Kroton is accessible through the brands ANHANGUERA, LFG and UNOPAR.  Kroton is present in more than 500 cities in all States of Brazil, with 726 active distance learning centers and more than 1 million students, bringing quality education all over the country.


Blackboard Blackboard is a global leader in technology for education, serving 72% of the 200 best universities in the world. Our public is formed by students, teachers and managers and we are present in over 100 countries, attending more than 30 million students with the mission of re-imagine the future of education, challenge conventional thinking and develop new models of learning. We work closely with universities, schools, businesses and governmental agencies around the world in the development and implementation of technologies to improve every aspect of the educational process. We help educational institutions to inspire their students, with the objective to connect them more effectively and keep them informed, involved and motivated. Our platforms include several tools to enrich and enhance the teaching and learning experience for educators and students. We work closely with the Blackboard ® partnership and the Grupo A Educação - exclusive distributor of the brand in Brazil - to build the best educational experience.
Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional The Virtual Campus Cruzeiro do Sul has a long trajectory of research and use of information and communication technologies in higher education. It is also responsible for providing and managing undergraduate, post-graduation and extension courses in remote mode as well as online disciplines of undergraduate courses of institutions that comprise the Cruzeiro do Sul Educational: Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul (São Paulo – SP); Universidade Cidade de São Paulo (São Paulo-SP); Universidade de Franca (Franca-SP); Centro Universitário Módulo (Caraguatatuba – São Paulo); and Centro Universitário do Distrito Federal (Brasília-DF), forming a group of higher education nationwide which brings together institutions and recognized academic institutions and renewed brands in their respective markets.
D2L - Desire2Learn Global leader in educational technology, the D2L is the creator of Brightspace, the first integrated learning platform in the world.
The D2L settles partnerships with leading companies and pioneers to enhance learning through data-driven technology that helps to personalize the experience of all students, regardless their origin or the features and resources available. The open and expandable platform of D2L is used by more than 1,100 clients and 13 million students in Basic Education, Secondary and University, as well as for corporate clients, government areas and sectors related to health care, including companies of Fortune 1000. The D2L operates in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil and Singapore
Grupo Tiradentes Grupo Tiradentes counts 54 years of experience as a reference in quality education in northeastern Brazil. The project started in 1962 with the creation of the Colégio Tiradentes, in Sergipe State. In 1972, the Ministry of Education certified the first upper level courses. The Colégio gave way to Faculdades Integradas Tiradentes-Fits. In the year 1994, the Fits were raised to university status, when it was created the Universidade Tiradentes -Unit. Today, only this school offers approximately 50 face-to-face and distance graduate programs, in addition to dozens of specializations and five stricto sensu post-graduation programs in the areas of Biotechnology, Law, Education, Engineering and Health and Environment. In addition to the Unit, which has operations in five Northeastern States, the Grupo Tiradentes maintains the Faculdade São Luís de França, in Aracaju; the Centro Universitário Tiradentes in the Alagoas capital, Maceio; and the Faculdade Integrada de Pernambuco, Recife. Through the Universidade Tiradentes, the Grupo Tiradentes will pioneer the installation of an International Centre for Education and Exchange in Boston, United States. The Tiradentes Institute is the result of a partnership between the Unit and the University of Massachusetts, Boston.
Somos Educação Somos believes that education main objective is the training of citizens willing to change the world for better. Therefore, our role goes beyond the preparation of students for life. We help building a future we are unable to foresee.
We are a team of restless, bold and innovative professionals, which do not limit efforts to prepare the next generation of Brazilians who will write their own history. We are the largest basic education group of Brazil and impact over 27 million students across the country. We are the technology in the service of education. We're the education today, tomorrow and in the next 100 years.
We are the publishers Ática, Saraiva and Scipione. We are the education systems Anglo, GEO, Maxi, pH and Ser. We are High Schools and English Courses, Maxi, Motivo, pH and Sigma. We are the English Course Red Balloon. We are the technical courses ETB and Erica. We are what we have created around us. SOMOS Educação.  
UNA-SUS The Sistema Universidade Aberta do Sistema Único de Saúde (UNA-SUS) is an initiative designed to meet the needs of training and continuing education of professionals working in the unified health national system through the development of distance education in the area of health. The courses are produced with a focus on professional learning needs of health workers, allowing a greater effectiveness of the educational programs and the merger of new information and communication technologies in educational processes in health. In the last five years, UNA-SUS trained over half a million professionals all over Brazil.
The system is composed by: 1. Network UNA-SUS: network of 35 public institutions of higher education, accredited by Ministry of Education, offering distance education in accordance with the legislation and under agreements with the Ministry of Health, offering distance learning opportunities for workers who work in the health system; 2. Collection of educational resources in health (ARES): public repository of materials, technologies and educational experiences, built collaboratively, with free Internet access; and 3. Arouca Platform: national database, integrated to the SUS national information system. Contains the historical record of SUS health professionals, their educational certificates and gives visibility to courses and other educational offerings.


CANVAS The most usable, customizable, flexible and reliable learning platform (think 99.9%), Canvas is adopted faster and deeper (or, is used in more ways for more users) than any other LMS. See how Canvas makes teaching and learning easier for everyone in www.CanvasLMS.com/brasil
Cengage Learning Cengage Learning is a leading provider of content, technologies and educational services to the teachings in the basic and fundamental levels (K-12) and higher education also attending the demands of professional markets and librarians around the world. The company offers content, customized services and digital-oriented solutions for courses that accelerate the involvement of students and transform the learning experience. Headquartered in Boston (MA), Cengage Learning operates in over 20 countries around the world, including Brazil. For further information, visit www.cengage.com.br or visit our profiles on social media: Facebook, Twitter, @CengageBrasi
Delinea Acknowledged among the largest Institutions of Higher Education of Brazil such as Kroton, PUC, Unisul, Positivo, SENAC and SENAI, Delinea has more than 50,000 hours of didactic content focused on distance education, produced by its multidisciplinary team. The company has in its holders some pioneers in distance education and has been acting for over 10 years as a partner of educational institutions, featuring advanced solutions in counseling, contents and technologies for distance mode. Delinea developed, with its partners, approximately 510 courses, among them various teaching content authoring, e-learning courses, video classes, e-books for tablets, in addition to the preparation and follow-up of the virtual environment for institutions.
Digital Pages For over 15 years has been promoting integrated Research & Development to meet demands and expectations of millions of users connected to its platform through smartphones, tablets and computers for many different purposes. Regular readers of wide circulation to students of basic school, high school and University of thousands of educational institutions, also catalog cosmetics buyers.  RDP platform users are in every State of the country in different contexts of digital inclusion and connectivity. Its portfolio of customers highlights companies such as: Pearson Education, Organizações Globo, Grupo Abril, Grupo Santillana, Estado de S. Paulo, Folha de S. Paulo, Valor Econômico, Editora Saraiva, Mackenzie, Avon, Philips, USP, Grupo Pão de Açucar, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, Merck, U ol, Algar, Klabin Segall, Sadia, Arcelor, among others.
EaDucativa EaDucativa is a technology-based education company that acts supporting the entire chain of values in education, helping people, educational institutions and organizations of various sectors to achieve positive outcomes through educational solutions that involve: offering courses in all areas of knowledge with its own e-learning platform; development and conversion to the digital world contents under different formats, such as subjects, courses, tutorials, training and development of employees; development of games, simulators and learning objects; consulting for the entire chain of DE, through model, release and deployment strategy, regulatory aspects to capture and retention of students. The Mission of EaDucativa is to provide learning resources that transform people, supporting their professional and human evolution. Turn ideas into educational sol utions is the vocation of EaDucativa
Exceda Exceda is a Brazilian leader in security and web performance solutions for companies that use the internet as a business tool. With 15 years’ experience, the company also operates in the United States, Spain and Latin America, in the countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Currently, supports over 500 customers with critical operations on the web, among them all major e-commerce portals, educational institutions, media and entertainment companies, financial and government. In the country, the company represents Akamai, the world leader in internet solutions with a global network with more than 215 thousand servers. Through its structure, Akamai is responsible for over 30% of all internet traffic worldwide. With this partnership, Exceda has improved its product portfolio, offering greater performance - more speed, availability and security – to all customers.
Fundação Cecierj / Consórcio Cederj Created in the year 2000, with the goal of bringing free and quality higher education across the State of Rio de Janeiro, the Consortium Cederj is formed by seven public institutions: CEFET, UENF, UERJ, UFF, UFRJ, UFRRJ and UNIRIO, and currently has approximately one thousand students enrolled in its 12 undergraduate distance courses.
GEN Educação Imagine an educational process in which the student uses different learning objects that support in and outside the classroom and ensure more efficiency in building the knowledge. GEN Educação provides it. Is a new way for active learning, with editorial platform from some of the most prestigious publishing houses in the market, in the areas of Health, Law and Public Exams,  Social and Human Sciences, once integrates the Grupo Editorial Nacional.
With the digital solutions of GEN Educação, the Instituição de Ensino Superior (IES) may significantly improve the academic performance of their students and the teacher will be able to retain the attention and motivation of the group, bringing the concept of IES in Enade. Everyone will win!
Learn more about GEN Educação visiting our booth. We wait for you!

Hoper Educação Founded in 1997, Hoper Educação plays its role in terms of consultancy for Institutions of Higher and Basic Education, Market Studies, Courses, Learning Solutions and Corporate Education. Its team assembly consultants specializing in various areas of management and business, who have attended over 1,300 educational institutions in the past 17 years. Roper's professionals have expertise, experience and knowledge in all areas of educational management. Our professionals join the academic training with professional experience in performing management positions in the education sector. The experience of Hoper’s professionals is not limited to the different areas of expertise, but also includes experience in different categories of institutions, such as colleges, universities centers and universities.
Hoper Educação Founded in 1997, Hoper Educação operates in the Consulting modalities for Higher and Basic Education Institutions, Market Studies, Courses and Solutions. His team has specialized consultants in the various management and business areas, who have attended more than 1,300 educational institutions in the last 19 years. Hoper professionals have expertise, experience and knowledge of all areas of management of educational institutions. They are professionals who unite the academic formation with the professional experience in the direct action in positions of management in the education sector. The complementarity of experiences of Hoper professionals is not limited to the different areas of activity, but also includes the different categories of institutions, such as: colleges, university centers and universities.
ILB Senado The Instituto Legislativo Brasileiro (ILB) was created in 1997 with the main objective to qualify the Senate employees for the full accomplishment of their duties. Over time, the ILB expanded its range and shared its activities with partner institutions and later, with the arrival of distance education, to all Brazilian citizens. ILB also offers postgraduate courses, certified by the Ministry of Education. Three types of courses are currently offered by ILB: distance and classroom courses and post-graduation. The classroom and post-graduation are intended for the internal public, with a reserve of 10% for employees from partner institutions. Online courses are open to all citizens. In 2013, the merger between the Instituto Legislativo Brasileiro, Unilegis – Universidade do Poder Legislativo and the Programa Interleg - also created in 1997 -  aimed at the modernization and integration of the legislature - extended the range, efficiency and economy in their activities. In 2016, the Instituto Legislativo Brasileiro has the prerogatives of the Government Senate School, keeping the main objective of training employees, in distance courses and post-graduation latu sensu, duly accredited by the Ministry of Education and promotes the modernization of the legislative branch at Federal, State and Municipal levels.  
IT One IT-One was created in 2002 in Belo Horizonte and currently has over 120 employees working nationally to offer the market the best managed services in IT, private cloud solutions, hybrid and public, consulting, training and solutions in infrastructure datacenter and networks. With local presence in Belo Horizonte, Uberlândia, Rio de Janeiro, Goiânia, Brasília and Recife, IT-One has strengthened its commitment with partners and customers, acquiring in early 2016 the ICX Soluções, an integrator focused on IT solutions for critical environments headquartered in the State of São Paulo expanding the Group IT-One also on the of São Paulo market. Partner of the world leaders in their segments, the IT-One is among the biggest and best partners EMC, DELL and VMware do Brasil, receiving several awards and recognitions nationally and in Latin America. Oracle, CISCO, Red Hat, Brocade, Solar Winds, Veeam, Symantec and Trend, among others, are also within our solutions. With recognized experience and expertise in critical Datacenter environments and a complete offering of hardware, software and services, IT-One meets a wide range of customers’ needs in technology, helping decisively in costs reduction, increasing operational efficiency and reducing IT risks. IT-One acts as focal point for IT, allowing the CIOs and their teams to focus on innovation and adaptation of IT needs in their business.
Leo Brasil Leo Brasil, is a multinational company of educational technologies, aiming to establish partnerships with organizations to assist them in transforming their learning approach. With over 30 years of knowledge and experience in the area, we are global leaders in the industry of educational technologies with offices in Brazil, England, USA and Switzerland. Through pioneering and high qualification of our team, we focus on developing creative solutions with results for the business. Our strategy of transformation is composed by a mixture of e-learning multiplatform, mobile learning, resources, animations, videos, educational games, learning portals, and more. Our experience allows us to bring a strategic approach to create programs that mix these methodologies to meet the needs of your organization and its users. We are pioneers in digital learning and we've always been at the forefront of new technologies. Of mobile learning to Tin Can and wearable devices, our award-winning team works collaboratively with clienteles to identify the best learning strategies. This approach puts us in the best possible position to analyze the top technologies for your organization and discover the most creative and commited way to use them.
PayU PayU is a leading provider of online payment services in Latin America with more than 20 thousand customers. With over 10 years of experience in the market, has the most comprehensive anti-fraud system of Latin America and offers a new generation of payment solutions that allow customers to receive more than 70 payment options available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Peru. With additional operations in Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa, PayU is part of online payment division of Naspers, a multinational leader in e-commerce and media platforms, serving more than 100 thousand retailers in 18 countries around the world with more than 220 forms of payment.
Pearson Pearson, the global leader in developing solutions for education, believes that learning can transform lives and therefore invests in the development of products and services for a complete education from early childhood to higher and professional education. With over 150 years of history, the company operates in 80 countries and has 40 thousand employees working to make a difference in the lives of more than 100 million children, youth and adults who use Pearson's educational solutions. In Brazil, its performance in basic education is solid for private schools through the COC education systems, Dom Bosco, Pueri Domus; for public schools, by NAME; educational and psychological evaluations with the Casa do Psicólogo; higher education with renowned books catalog, digital content, online learning platforms and counselling services in the development of distance learning course. In the field of languages, offers collections of textbooks and digital materials to support institutes and schools in English and Spanish courses, in addition to customized programs of bilingual education to regular schools. Pearson also collects brands such as Wizard, Yázigi, Skill and Microlins, all of them working with the teaching of languages. For more information, visit the site www.pearson.com.br and Pearson's pages on Facebook (facebook.com/PearsonBrasil) and Twitter (twitter.com/PearsonBrasil).
ReadSpeaker ReadSpeaker is a world leader in systems of text-to-speech (TTS) online, a pioneer with the first application of TTS in the cloud for websites. Today, our text-to-speech services are used on thousands of websites, applications, educational systems, e-books, e-learning material, etc., and millions of users worldwide.
We create real-time audio versions of written content in more than 40 languages and 130 voices, operating in various devices (PC, tablet, smartphone), and in different operating systems and Web navigation. The ReadSpeaker offers text-to-speech solutions for more than 10 thousand companies or organizations in several areas (corporate, local and central Government, media, education, among others). In education and training, it goes beyond accessibility. TTS is a tool to enhance learning, accessible to a greater number of students and suited to various learning styles. The ReadSpeaker service is easily integrated into Learning Management Systems (LMS), particularly in the most common as Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, among others.
Ricoh Ricoh is a global technology company, that has been transforming the way people work for over 80 years. Under its corporate slogan – imagine. change - Ricoh continues to empower businesses and individuals with services and technologies that inspire innovation, improve sustainability and drive business growth. These include document management systems, IT services, production of printing solutions, visual communications systems, digital cameras and industrial systems. We are a company with great environmental concern, for more than 20 years we have developed environmentally friendly products. Our philosophy is based on the concept "Our Earth, Our Tomorrow".  This is a statement that we all share the planet, we all must help to protect and preserve it. Ricoh is known as one of Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporation in the World, and this statement only translates our concern with the environment.
Welcome to the Ricoh world!
Sagah SAGAH is a company that develops undergraduate and postgraduate courses based on active learning methodologies. Each course is carefully prepared with the sum of the potential of educational solutions group and the methodological expertise of experienced Hoper consulting. SAGAH courses use contents known on national and international levels, market-leading learning platforms and highly qualified professionals. In addition, our courses enable the content personalization of IES
Starline Tecnologia Starline Technology has been investing in the improvement of educational indicators of educational institutions – Basic, Technical, Higher, Graduate and DE – for over a decade. Our focus is the development of software and applications for logistics of creation, application and correction of tests in automatic and easy way, making it easier to identify gaps of learning and the promotion of educational knowledge management.
Time To Know Time To Know is a leader and pioneer in the Ed-Tech industry. Our array of products provide for end-to-end Ed-Tech solutions, and  have been successfully implemented across the globe. With technological expertise and years of pedagogical know-how in e-learning processes, our approach of data-driven learning—via real time analytics and reports—provides for 360 degree feedback and insights to instructors, learners and organizations. 
Our clients include the top publishers, learning institutions, and corporations, across the US, Latin America, France, Korea, Vietnam and more.
Time To Know aims to transform the way the world learns.
Turnitin Turnitin helps educators to assess the students ' work and provide excellent feedback to improve student learning. OriginalityCheck instantly checks the students ' projects to verify the presence of non-original content through the largest comparison database in the world. GradeMark helps improving the learning and the involvement of students to facilitate a more comprehensive feedback, in addition to save time of the instructors with drag-and-drop functionality, voice comments and notes sections. PeerMark encourages students to learn from each other and to develop a critical thinking.
UniCesumar The emphasis of Unicesumar is in the formation of the human being as an agent for society builder, a skilled professional able to improve in the labor market. The concern with the quality of Education ensures the institution the title of one of the best University Centers of Brazil. The Unicesumar has more than 70 thousand students, among classroom and distance education. The UniCesumar offers more than 45 undergraduate classroom courses, 27 distance courses, 68 post-graduate courses and master's degrees.
UNISA Universidade de Santo Amaro (UNISA) is among the most respected institutions of higher education in Brazil, occupying a privileged position in the educational scene since 1968. Its activities began with the courses of Medical Sciences, Languages, Pedagogy, Mathematics and Physics and this path consolidated as a University of excellence. The image of this performance permeates all its actions, especially in 2005, when the first class via satellite was broadcasted, marking the pioneering in offering distance education courses (DE). Currently, Unisa has three campuses in the city of São Paulo, with complete infrastructure for theoretical and practical learning, and more than 50 educational centers distributed throughout national territory, offering several undergraduate classroom and distance courses, to Bachelors, undergraduate and graduated, as well as post-graduation and extension.
Universidade Positivo The Universidade Positivo brings the recognized quality of its classroom courses to the distance courses and was recently evaluated by the Ministry of Education as the best private University of Paraná State and one of the top ten in the country. Currently, the UP offers 56 undergraduate, four masters and three doctorate courses, dozens of specialization packages and several extension programs.
webAula WebAula SA is focused on providing products and services for distance education, operating in the complete chain of DE: consulting, solutions, content management and engagement. For more than 10 years in the market, qualifies daily through its solutions about 400 thousand students from educational institutions, companies, retail and public agencies. Produces more than 2 thousand customized courses a year and keeps 200 active virtual universities in Brazil and abroad. Counts with 300 employees in the areas of creation, education and technology, spread in five units: Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Has received dozens of the most important awards in DE in Brazil; is an associate maintainer of ABED and protagonist of the major projects of Distance Education in Latin America. When thinking DE, hire webAulaS/A!


CIAGE O Centro de Inteligência, Análise e Gestão Educacional é uma empresa que capta, organiza e transforma dados em informações privilegiadas, opiniões em indicadores de gestão, números em inspiração.
Investimos em tecnologias, metodologias e produtos destinados a atender os profissionais que precisam de informações que os ajudem a tomar as melhores decisões, seja ele um docente, o coordenador de um curso, um diretor de escola ou faculdade, um reitor, CEO ou qualquer outro profissional com cargo de decisão dentro de sua organização.

Reservamos para o 22° Congresso Internacional ABED de Educação a Distância uma de nossas maiores inspirações: o EAD TrendLine. O sistema que reinventa a avaliação e controle de qualidade dos cursos de EAD, gerando indicadores e interações em tempo real, com alto poder de processamento e granularidade de dados. Tudo para acelerar a tomada de decisão em diferentes níveis. 
Pela primeira vez o conceito de big data é utilizado na educação a distância para transformar grande volume de interações e registros em inteligência de dados de forma simples e intuitiva. Conheça o EAD TrenLine e Saiba Tudo
Damasio Educacional Recognized nationally for its excellent academic reputation, Damásio Educacional is one of the most respected institutions when it comes to law and preparatory courses. The Faculdade Damásio holds the OAB label It recommends and has today one of the best results in competitions, with percentages of approval above the national average.
With 12 years of experience in EAD, Damásio Educacional has generated career development opportunities in all Brazilian states, through its more than 200 units, with the excellence of the preparatory courses and, later, also with the postgraduate courses .
Today, Damásio is part of DeVry Education Group Inc., a US education group with more than 80 years of education history and is present in 40 countries with more than 110,000 students
Estácio Estácio is one of the best institutions of higher education in Brazil, with more than 350 thousand students, present in all regions of the country and with more than 40 years of experience. The educational group now has Universities, University Centers and Colleges, distributed in 21 states. Estácio offers undergraduate and bachelor's degree courses, technological degrees and postgraduate courses, both in person and distance.
FGV Online The FGV Online is the distance learning program of the Fundação Getulio Vargas. FGV is a National Reference concerning continuing education. The FGV Online is an integral part of the Institute of Educational Development (IDE) and offers courses and solutions, in partnership with FGV schools, for every level of professional and business development. The commitment of FGV Online is to disseminate the knowledge generated in schools and in FGV research institutes, breaking down geographical barriers and time constraints. http://www.fgv.br/fgvonline/
Unianchieta OGrupo Anchieta is an educational company established in the city of Jundiaí. Its history began in 1941, when a group of teachers, led by Pedro Clarismundo Fornari, founded the Padre Anchieta Schools. The goal was to disseminate quality education, with a focus on professional qualification.
After forming thousands of young people from Jundiaí and region in technical education, collaborating for regional development with the specialized instruction and the increase of the workforce, the founders realized the need to offer also the graduation. Thus, in 1966 Jundiaí and region received their first institution of higher education, being offered the courses of Administration, Accounting Sciences and Economy.
Today, with 75 years of success and tradition, Grupo Anchieta offers more than 30 undergraduate courses in several areas and more than 50 specialization and extension courses. Every year, approximately 15 thousand students are attended and extension agents are promoted that reach more than 45 thousand people. Since the beginning of its history in higher education, the institution has trained more than 30 thousand professionals.
Universidade Metodista de São Paulo The Universidade Metodista de São Paulo, accomplishing the mission to effectively participate in the formation of people, wielding influence and contributing to the improvement of the quality of life, offers complete professional and citizenship development to its students. In 78 years of history, the University has sought, through the tripod - teaching, research and extension - to provide complete training in all regions of the country. This way, 10 years ago offers distance education in an innovative and flexible format, which integrates classroom moments and the distance that allows the interaction and exchange of knowledge between teachers and students. Through these differentials, the University has won important recognitions that strengthen its tradition in distance education.


Já Entendi
Webnauta Na Agência Webnauta, somos especializados no desenvolvimento de cursos e conteúdos de Educação a Distância (e-Learning), capazes de Enriquecer e Potencializar o processo de ensino-aprendizagem das Instituições de Ensino , a partir de soluções hipermidiáticas que dialogam com o aluno, tendo como norte Metodologias e Estratégias Pedagógicas consistentes e eficazes. Fundada em 2012, a agência é reconhecida pelo cuidado com o valor dos serviços e pelo comprometimento com os clientes.