The Brazilian Association of Distance Education - ABED is a non-profit scientific organizatin established in June 31, 1995 by a group of educators interested in distance education and new learning technologies.

Its main goals are:

The target audiences of ABED are organizations, companies, universities and people interested in discussing and deepening distance education-related knowledge.

In order to achieve this, ABED organizes conferences, seminars, scientific meetings and courses geared to the systematization and dissemination of knowledge about DE.

ABED is a member of the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science - SBPC and member of international institutions, among which the International Council For Open and Distance Education - ICDE, for which it organized in São Paulo, in the year 2000 the international meeting for leaders of organizations that use distance education. This meeting was held together with the 7th International ABED Conference and the ICDE Latin-American Conference.

The ABED webpage in the Internet brings the "Brazilian Magazine on Open and Distance Learning", in three languages dedicated to DE scholars, texts and works on DE, calendar of events, clipping of news from main newspapers, links related to DE and distance courses addresses. The webpage is constantly updated always with a focus on its members and people who intend to get involved in this area of pedagogical knowledge (www.abed.org.br).

ABED is made up of the following categories of members: Individual Members: individuals interested in the promotion of distance education as an instrument of progress in democratic societies; Institutional Members: organizations interested in ABED objectives; Honorary Members: individuals or organizations of recognized knowledge that, for this reason, are honored by ABED and Supporting Members: organizations that provide significant support to expand the work performed by ABED.

Therefore, the greatest goal of the Association is to increase shared knowledge about distance education and the belief that this education mode is already a reality and the education paradigm that fits the great changes of this millennium.

ABED administrative headquarter is located in São Paulo, but 16 Centers located in different Brazilian states provide the national representation of the Association, enabling broad coverage for its activities.

Board of Directors

Fredric Michael Litto – Escola do Futuro da USP - SP

Vice President
Manoel Marcos Maciel Formiga – CNPq/UnB

Administrative Director
Arlette Azevedo de Paula Guibert – Guibert Assessoria em Educação - SP

Director for International Relationships
Alexander Joseph Romiszowski – Syracuse University - USA e TTS - RJ

Ethics and Quality Director
Wilson Correa de Azevedo Jr. – Aquifolium Educacional - RJ

Director for Domestic Relationships
Helena Lúcia Elias Riboli – Afenas - MG

Director for Relationships with the Productive System
Silvia Helena Zavaglia Pereira Coelho – CREA – SP

Scientific Committee
Waldomiro Pelágio Diniz de Carvalho Loyolla – PUCCAMP/SP; Alfredo Eurico Rodrigues da Matta – UCSAL/BA; Amir Mattar Valente – UFSC/SC; Benedito Barraviera – UNESP/SP; César Augusto Nunes – USP/SP; Cléia Maria Luz Rivero – UNIMEP/SP; Daniel Segulem – UNIFESP/SP; Dóris Santos de Faria – UnB/DF; Elian de Castro Machado – UFC/CE; Elizabeth Rondelli – UFRJ/RJ; Gilberto Mucilo de Medeiros – PUR/RS; Hedloisa Vieira da Rocha – UNICAMP/SP; José Manuel Moran Costa – PUC/SP; Márcio Luiz Andrade Neto – UNICAMP/SP; Maurício Prates de Campos Filho PUCCAMP/SP; Miriam Struchiner – UFRJ/RJ; Rogério da Costa Santos PUC/SP; Ymiracy Polak – UFPR/PR.

Ethics and Quality CouncilWilson Correia de Azevedo Jr – Aquifolium/RJ; Eduardo Chaves – UNICAMP/SP; Itamar Alves Leal dos Santos – SP; Jean Marlos Pinheiro Borba – Pólo ABED/MA; João Vianey – Unisul Virtual/SC; Lenise Aparecida Martins Garcia – UnB/DF; Mirela Luiz Malvestiti – Sebrae Nacional/DF; Mônica Parente Ramos – UNIFESP/SP; Rita Graghetti – Laboratórios Fleury/SP; Vani Moreira Kenski – USP/SP; Washington Braga Filho – PUC/RJ.

Tax Council – Adilson Tabain Kole – SENAI/SP; Adylles Castello Branco – Al Farabi/SP; Ary Rocha UFRN/RN; Ricardo Feltre – SP; Roberto Palhares – Instituto Monitor/SP

ABED Centers – Acre, Bahia, Brasília, Campinas/SP, Ceará, Espírito Santo, Governador Valadares/MG, Maranhão, Minas Gerais, Pará, Paraná, Ribeirão Preto/SP; Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, São Paulo, Sergipe.